SAEM 2017, Orlando, FL

  1. Utility of Routine Urinalysis on Emergency Department Decision-Making

Anand, Ballinger, Ganti.

  1. Impact of Urinalysis on Emergency Department Length of Stay

Ballinger, Anand, Ganti.

  1. Predictors of Outcome Following Severe Sepsis

Kramer, Dub, Ballinger, Ganti.


ACEP 2017, Washington, DC

  1. Sepsis fun facts: A simple way to increase sepsis bundle compliance
    *Leon LN, Rosario J, Amico K, Dub L, Lebowitz D, Kramer N, Ballinger B, Ganti L
  2. Septic shock patients more likely to be admitted to ICU from floor
    *Dub L, Lebowitz D, Kramer N, Leon LN, Rosario J, Amico K, Ballinger B, Ganti L
  3. Procalcitonin Trend Predicts Discharge to Home in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Patients
    *Kramer N, Amico K, Leon LN, Rosario J, Lebowitz D, Dub L, Ballinger B, Ganti L
  4. Early Transport versus On-Scene Management of Pediatric Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
    *Banerjee P, Singh A, Ganti L
  5. Who gets tPA? Beyond the basic demographics.
    Ganti L, Landeta J, Roka A, Ballinger B
  6. Predictors of good outcomes after pediatric cardiac arrest
    *Banerjee P, Singh A, Ganti L


SAEM 2018, Indianapolis, IN

  1. Elevated Initial Procalcitonin in Sepsis Patients Predicts Longer Length of Stay


  1. Incidence and Trends of Pediatric Clonidine Ingestions over the Last Fifteen Years


  1. Outcomes Following Clonidine Ingestions in Children


  1. Emergency Department Blood Pressure and Mortality after Acute Ischemic Stroke


  1. A Strategy to Effect Neurologically-Intact Survival for Children With Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest


  1. Accuracy of Prehospital Triage to Identify Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes


ACEP 2018, San Diego, CA

  1. Adherence to standardized sepsis order set associated with lower 30-day hospital re-admission rate

Dub, Lebowitz, Kramer, Leoh, Rosario, Amico, Vera, Banerjee, Ganti


  1. Addressing the Overuse of Neuro-imaging for patients with a primary headache and a normal neurologic exam     

   Rosario, Lebowitz, Leoh, Hanna, Fusco, Dub, Ganti                    


  1. Routine Emergency Department Laboratory Studies as Predictors of ED Stroke severity      

Roka, Landeta, Webb, Macintosh, Banerjee , Ganti                                  


  1. Impact of emergency department blood pressure on stroke severity        

Roka, Landeta, Webb, Patel, Banerjee, Ganti                                


  1. Prognostic indicators of being discharged home after acute ischemic stroke     

Webb, Roka, Landeta, Patel, Banerjee, Ganti                                


  1. Delta Lactate (Three-Hour Lactate Minus Initial Lactate) Predicts In-Hospital Death in Sepsis Patients

Kramer, Leoh, Rosario, Dub, Lebowitz, Vera, Amico, Banerjee, Ganti


  1. Predictive value of the Los Angeles Motor Scale for Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes

Banerjee, Ganti, Rosario, Wallen, Dub, Lebowitz, Vera               


  1. Acute ischemic stroke and hospital discharge outcomes after tPA   

Ganti, Banerjee, Wallen, Lebowitz, Rosario, Dub


  1. Every second counts: Time to epinephrine and return of spontaneous circulation after pediatric cardiac arrest 

Banerjee, Vera, Ganti, Singh, Dub, Tsau, Wallen