Letter from the Program Director

Dear Residency Candidate,

Welcome to our Emergency Medicine Residency Program!

We started our Program in 2016 within a consortium between the University of Central Florida, College of Medicine and HCA. Our Emergency Medicine Program is based out of Osceola Regional Medical Center which is certified as a Level II Trauma Center and an accredited stroke center. Osceola Regional has an average volume of 68,000 patients annually.

Our 21 residents have the opportunity to train with our incredibly accomplished core faculty while learning how to provide compassionate patient care, managing a robust emergency department, and teaching other learners with minimal outside rotations. Our residents are held to a high standard and are able to perform beyond expectations within a short time frame of their residency training.

By following patient-centered care philosophies, our faculty provide outstanding care and educate our residents in the best way possible using evidence-based medicine. Our program has an innovative curriculum including hands on skill sessions with cadaver labs, group discussions, and teaching simulations.

As my dear friend, co-founder, and past Program Director of the Residency Program, Dr. Bethany Ballinger, would say: “Emergency Medicine is a calling. It is demanding and not for the faint hearted. It requires long hours and extreme dedication. ER will disturb your sleep and challenge your principles. It will draw on every drop of compassion you have and then still ask for more. Although we rarely see our patients again, some linger in our memories forever and help create the people we are. In that way, the ER shift is never really over, yet the rewards are enormous. We have the ability to help people in their direst need and for some, the worst moment of their life. Such an honor is rare and to be taken with the utmost humility and care.”

On August 13, 2018, our program experienced the great loss of our beloved Dr. Bethany Ballinger. Our goal is to continue Dr. Ballinger’s legacy in providing excellence patient-centered care.

With the combination of our marvelous faculty and enthusiastic staff, the support of Osceola Regional Medical Center and UCF College of medicine, we can offer you the best three years of training possible in emergency medicine.

Thank you for your interest with our program and we hope to meet you soon!

Jose Rubero, MD, FACEP, FAAEM