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Our mission is to combine excellence in Clinical Skills with the humanity of the compassionate physician to produce outstanding Patient Centered Care. The UCF College of Medicine Emergency Medicine Residency Program has the benefit of being a new program. This great opportunity allows us to provide a cutting edge learning environment appropriate for the emergency medicine resident of the new millennium.

University of Central Florida Emergency Medicine Residency Program is a 3 year allopathic program based at Osceola Regional Medical Center in Kissimmee, Florida.

University of Central Florida College of Medicine is proud to sponsor medical residencies sponsored by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Osceola Regional Medical Center is the primary site. An existing Internal Medicine residency is a partnership based GME program joining the medical school, the Orlando VA Medical Center and Osceola Regional Medical Center. The Emergency Medicine residency is the second residency program sponsored by UCF College of Medicine.

Letter from the Program Director

Dear Residency Candidate,

Welcome to the University of Central Florida College of Medicine Emergency Medicine Residency Program!

We are a brand new program, so we are in the unique situation of being able to look at EM training from around the globe and use the best practices in the development of our new program.

Our aim is to continue the historic tradition of teaching strong clinical skills and to build on these skills to give you the necessary expertise you’ll need to practice Emergency Medicine in the 21st century.

The University of Central Florida College of Medicine is sponsoring our program at Osceola Regional Medical Center in Kissimmee, Florida. The college is a forward thinking, innovative medical school and we will be building on its pioneering spirit as we invite you to consider training in our new program.

Emergency Medicine is a calling. It is demanding and not for the faint hearted. It requires long hours and extreme dedication. ER will disturb your sleep and challenge your principles. It will draw on every drop of compassion you have and then still ask for more. Although we rarely see our patients again, some linger in our memories forever and help create the people we are. In that way, the ER shift is never really over yet the rewards are enormous. We have the ability to help people in their direst need and for some the worst moment of their life. Such an honor is rare and to be taken with the utmost humility and care. It’s a serious business but paradoxically one that also needs a healthy sense of humor!

Are you up to the challenge of Emergency Medicine?

Osceola Regional’s Emergency Department is busy (80,000 visits per year), diverse and intense. The patients have often never been to an ED before and don’t know what to expect. They look to us for help and assistance with their pain and their problems. Our ED is staffed by an extremely knowledgably and dedicated team of people. These are people you can learn from, people who will be your colleagues for three years and if you’re lucky, your friends.

Our medical philosophy is based on patient-centered care. That phrase is a hot topic right now but it has always been a cornerstone of evidence-based medicine. To us, such care includes the active involvement of patients and their families in the decision-making process. Patient-centered care is about much more than educating patients about a diagnosis, potential treatment or healthy behaviors.  Patients want guidance from their care providers, but they expect that guidance to be provided in the context of full and unbiased information about options, benefits and risks. Imagine the patient you will see who has chest pain. You want to admit her for observation but she has a young son at home and no one else to care for him. What are the risks of going home? What are the benefits of staying in the hospital? Could you describe the options in a complete and unbiased way to find a solution that is the best interests of all concerned?

Our combination of dedicated faculty and staff, a well-respected hospital and outstanding medical school support will provide you a comprehensive education in Emergency Medicine. It’s an education that will prepare you for the changing face of EM and the ability to practice wherever you choose and in whatever situation you find yourself.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We will be delighted to meet you.


Bethany Ballinger MD

Program Director